Continuous Delivery of Long Term requirements

First published 03/05/2013

The nice folk at Diaz Hilterscheid have made the video of my track talk “Continuous Delivery of Long Term requirements” at Agile Testing Days 2012.

The original write up ran: "Larger, multi-stakeholder projects take time to establish consensus. Usually, no individual is able (or available) to be the on-site customer, and even if one is nominated, they are accountable to multiple stakeholders and the consultation and agreement feedback loop can take weeks or months. Now, it could be said that an organisation that takes months to make up its mind can never be Agile and they are doomed always to use structured, staged, bureaucratic approaches.

How could a company used to (and committed to) managing stakeholder expectations in a systematic way over longer timescales take advantage of Agile approaches to development and delivery? Put it another way. If a corporate has a trusted set of business rules defined in requirements, can delivery of a system to meet those requirements be achieved in an Agile, continuous way? How can larger requirements, evolved over weeks or months be channelled into teams doing continuous delivery?

It’s all about trust. The requirements that feed the beast of continuous delivery must be trusted to be mature, complete and coherent enough to deliver the business value envisaged by stakeholders. In one way or another, the requirements must be tested and trusted enough to pour into larger or collaborating Agile teams. Note: *trusted*, not perfect. This talk explores how larger-scale requirements management and testing could drive a Continuous Delivery process. It’s not ‘pure Agile’, Rather it’s lean and close to being a factory-based approach, but it might be the way to achieve Agile delivery in a non-Agile business."



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