Testing the Internet of Everything

First published 04/09/2014

In advance of the keynote I'm giving at the BCS SIGIST meeting today, I have uploaded two recent papers that were written for the Tea Time wth Testers magazine.

There are two articles in the series so far:

1. The Internet of Everything  – What is it and how will it affect you?
In this article series I want to explore what the IoT and IoE are and what we need to start thinking about. I’ll approach this from the point of view of a society that embraces the technology. Then I will look more closely at the risks we face and finally how we as the IT community in general and the testing community in particular should respond.
In the first article of the series I will look at what IoE is and how it affects us all. It’s important you get a perspective for what the IoE so you get a sense of the scale, the variety, the ubiquity, complexity and challenge of the technological wave that many people believe will dominate our industry for the next ten to twenty years.
Let me start the whole series off with what sounds a bit like science fiction, but will soon be science fact. John Smith and his family are an invention.

2. ​Internet of Everything  – Architecture and Risks

Right now, it is a very confusing state of affairs, but clearly, an awful lot of effort and money is being invested in defining the standards and building business opportunities from the promise of the new Internet world order. Standards are on the way, but today, most applications are what you might call bleeding edge, speculative or exploratory. It looks like standards will reveal themselves when successful products and architectures emerge from the competitive melee.

The future is being predicted with more than a little hype. The industry research companies are struggling to figure out how to make reasonable hype-free predictions. A better than average summary can be found here http://harborresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Harbor-Research_Diversified-Industrial-Newsletter.pdf

In the second article, I discuss the evolving architecture of the IoE and speculate on the emerging risks of it all. 

Other papers are on the way... if only I had more time to get them written... :O)

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